Net Neutrality- Why It Needs To Be Protected?

At this present stage “Net Neutrality” is the word which is experiencing an overwhelming response over the social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Different people have different views, and all of them are being shared among the nation. One must know about net neutrality and if you are unaware about the current state of net in India, then you must know about it. The word internet comprises of all the world in it, which not only provides openness, but a freedom to do and to perform any task. One can easily exchange information freely with the help of net neutrality. If you work or reside in the current state of the internet, then you must know about net neutrality. And if you don’t know, no need to worry:-

Net neutrality is an innovative idea which was derived from the telecom operators, in which no barrier or check was interrupted in between except if required by law firms. One can easily call to anywhere, from any shop to any dealer. Most importantly, it doesn’t matter at all that through which provider you are calling. Talking about most of the countries, they have a rule that no telecom operator has an authority to restrict and filter any call.

But when internet came over to rule the world, there was no such law created separately. One of the main reason behind it was because the ISP companies were the same who were the telecom operators, so they adopted the same policy. This all process is known as net neutrality. No ISP has the authority to check any of the client connection with personal. The user can experience any of the legal website or web service without any interference.

The main concern is what will happen if net neutrality will be remove? Yes, that’s the question which is rising above as a matter of concern. If no net neutrality would be present, the ISP will have the power to create or build their own world of internet. They can easily shape the internet according to themselves and can only desire benefits for them in terms of traffic, etc. Let’s take an example, most of the ISP demands no net neutrality, as according to them more bandwidth is consumed when a person moves out to any live streaming site. Basically the ISP want to earn profits by taking its share from these sites. Moreover, separate charges may apply in different actions such as for any application calling feature you may require to first get in another pack rather than the one you are surfing the net with.

For sure, what ISP demands are something which is not equal and justified, it only contains the mean profitable terms for the service providers. Most the companies related to IT services and others also are in support of net neutrality. And most importantly, each person must support it for the sake of equality and freedom!!


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