Nikon’s New Selfie Stick N-MP001: Taking Selfie into New Level

Getting into trend, selfie’s now play a major role in many persons life as well as now companies are putting their concentration on it such as camera pixels, different gestures to snap and now some innovative product has been released out by Nikon known as Selfie Stick. Catching out the latest trend Nikon has just put some brains of innovation for introducing this product.

Most teenagers have come up to use and experience this product. Selfie stick doesn’t only provide huge height to cover all the people easily and comfortably, but also makes clicking an easy job. The selfie sticks simply grabs the camera with the help of tripod stand from where the actions of camera can be controlled.

The stick has its own weight of 0.41 pounds and can resist up to 0.88 pounds. The stick at the bottom contains a hard grip and a carry holder when not in use. The technique is simple, a wireless button is provided to you, which can be clicked anytime, thing is just you need to adjust the camera through the stick yourself.

Selfie sticks are getting popular day by day throughout the world. One just takes selfies everywhere for different reasons. But taking as granted, selfie makes the joy of happiness double and excited. Different postures can now be clicked simply, even if you are too many, that’s not a problem as now selfie stick is present to resolve each and every issue regarding selfie’s.


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