Reasons For Choosing the iOS Over Android

There is always a great dilemma before buying a new smartphone as there are many new options are there to choose from like, iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry, Bada, Mi, etc. even if you win this battle, you can never win the battle of confusion that is commonly fought between iOS v Android as both have mostly adopted a mobile operating system around the globe. IOS is more famous in the American continents and Android is more famous in Europe and the rest of the world.

Here we tried to list the points that will answer, a solution to the commonly asked question, i.e.,  “Why Should I Choose iOS over Android?”

Better Hardware and computer code Integration: iOS isn’t simply a platform, however, it additionally shows, however hardware and computer code complete one another and best example for this can be a 3D bit, a feature that no golem phone may copy. The 3D bit show is sensible enough to sense pressure, permitting you to require fast actions from the house screen simply by long pressing on an associate app icon and you’ll directly reach the precise screen on it app. Hardware on the iPhone area unit capable of performing serious multitasking even once memory is low. Therefore, if you don’t need your smartphone to hold and have solely quaint options, iOS area unit an improved selection.

Apps involve iOS First: there’s little doubt that Apple still has the sting once it involves the quantity of quality apps obtainable. Most of the fashionable apps area unit on each platform, however, Developers still opt for iOS as a launch platform for selection for brand new apps, Prisma and Super Mario Run area unit the recent example, for this. For Instagram, it took 2 years to debut on golem when it launched for iOS and even nowadays we will see that new SnapChat and Spotify options involve iOS before golem. Apple has curated its store within the sense that developers are a unit duty-bound to follow tight rules before obtaining their app approved for unleashing, implies that everything you’ll notice on the shop has been subject to a point of internal control.

Quick OS Update for Everyone:  iPhone users continuously get fast and latest iOS update, whereas golem updates take months to arrive on the device (if you’re lucky enough to induce one). Most golem smartphones firms don’t give an associate OS update or give an associate OS update to restricted phones, however, Apple delivers iOS updates to any or all devices that area unit 3 years previous. Speedy update area unit additional vital as a result of security breaches are getting additional serious. As long as a golem lags behind within the update world, its devices are less secure. That’s why a lot of golem phones area unit still running computer code that’s 3-4 years previous.



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