True Tunnels Of Confusion Of iOS Developers

Everyone who is making an application goes through a tunnel of confusion, which database should be followed in order to complete their iOS application! This confusion is probably there, as there are many options available in the field like SQLite, NSUserDefualts, NSCoder. In this blog, we will make things easier for you by discussing their pros and cons of the same:

SQLite: Actually, this is a good option but it’s too old. And it is not providing any good feature to handle search and fetch operations like core data and realm is providing. So as per my opinion, if you want to learn how SQLite is working, then you can use this.


  • You can deal with a large number of data.
  • Migration is possible.
  • Simple query just needs to run to fetch data. These queries you have learned in your college time.


  • Slow data fetching process.
  • It’s very complex to add in your project as compare to SQlite.

Actually,  this is not a database where you can store a large amount of data. So don’t use this if your application scope is big. Because after some time, you will get stuck as you will find that NSUserDefaults not providing anything.


  • Provided by apple.
  • You can save any view controller with its object without losing any value.
  • You just need to use below two methods to store and fetch data


  • Its process is slow
  • Again, no query method is provided so you have to fetch data manually
  • Store data size is big as compared to NSUserDefault and CoreData



Definitely, you can use this option as your database option. It’s fully loaded with necessary features like search, filter etc.

  • Very popular in nowadays, this is the first thought in the developer’s mind.
  • Easy to Use in your application.
  • By using a query you can filter or search any data from database table.
  • Fetching process is faster than core data.



  • It’s not a native framework.
  • Consuming more memory as compare to SQLite.
  • Consuming more space as compared to SQLite.





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