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CMS App Maintenance

CMS App Maintenance Services

We are having experts who can integrate the right content management system into your website design, one that fits your certain needs, it is very important in the current business climate. Installing, maintaining, managing and/or repairing your content management system requires knowledge of various types of software, knowledge of your business and an ability to provide a high-level of consultative advice.

What we deliver?

Our service provides not just support or web management capabilities, we are a partner with you in your business with helping each element of your website maintenance operations to run as smoothly as possible. We can also create a fully integrated content management system that merges your databases, websites and all other elements of your web based programs.
  •  Document capture services for speeding up intelligent assets for your businesses.
  •  Content management services for streamlining information exchange among business users.

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We cater diverse Content Management System offshore services:

Best CMS based website development is our passion and we work hard to deliver it, we have developed our own CMS based Campus Management software and using it for many educational and corporate bodies.
  •  WordPress
  •  Magento
  •  Joomla
  •  Drupal
  •  php nuke

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How CMS system can be beneficial?

A content management system (or CMS system) allows you to update your website in real time. This means you don’t have to rely on a web designer or web developer once the initial setup has been completed. Content management systems are becoming more and more popular because of this and the relatively lower long term cost involved.

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eCommerce is a type of website which sells products, while a CMS is a way of managing a website. Therefore an eCommerce site can have CMS too. In fact, they usually do. Usually eCommerce sites also gather customer information like CMS do, and then send the customer off to a payment provider (like PayPal, Sage-pay or Wordplay) to take payment.

Once it is published (you control updates), any visitor on your Website can view the updates. CMS allows you to change the title, text and one or two images of each web page which structures your website. More advanced CMS’s would let you to create a list of members and let you specify who can access which pages.

Two main advantages are that Users don’t have to know about HTML coding nor seek help from those with technical backgrounds and The Website can be easily and quickly updated and kept current without having to ask others for assistance. Content management systems make your content smarter and more powerful. Because content is stored only one time no matter how many times it is used.

Instead of tailoring the solution to your organization. At Solitaire Infosys Inc., we don’t believe in taking a “one size fits all” approach to all content management tasks we do. Our flexible CMS services mark the ability to develop a customized system that addresses your specific content management needs, as a customized CMS service results in greater system efficiency.

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