Email Marketing Services

With the best in email marketing tools to monitor advanced statistical ratios, response indicators and other key indicators, we make your campaign simply successful. By industry best practices, we are sure to get maximumdelivery to your pre targeted customers inbox.Round-the-clock monitoring is worked out to make sure your email reaches your customer’s inbox i.e. destination.


How we Optimize your E-Marketing campaigns for better results?

  • Personalization and Segmentation feature to get an insight into customer’s needs.
  • Double Targeted opt-in recipients for assurancefor quality recipients.
  • Relative Landing Pages equipped with A/B testing.
  • Conversion tracking that integrates firmly with your custom landing pages and Google’s analytics to track results and ROI.
  • Reporting and Analytics provided to customers to give a clear, simple understanding of the overall campaign performance.

Auto Responders

As the name conveys, automatically respond to incoming emails. Auto Responders immediately inform your customers for relevant and timely news, promotional deals allowing you to schedule auto response emails to follow-up with current and potential clients.

Unique Custom Solutions For Your Email Contacts

Our E-Marketing professional use personalization and segmentation to gain information about your customers’ expectations and needs. Our Customizable Email Marketing Services offer a variety of options.


RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds alert subscribers of freshly uploaded information. We provide around the clock monitoring and regular email distribution services to keep up your contacts in the know. Support and Maintenance Plans are available to those who require our ongoing Email Marketing Services.

Customize Templates and Email Designs

Custom Templates and Email Designs leave a professional look, that your email recipients will appreciate. You can provide a template of your own or allow our Web Designing team to customize a user-friendly, an email design based on your preferences or specifications. Our designers will create templates that appeal to your specific customer demographic.


Multi-Browser and Multi-Email Compatibility

It increases the likelihood of higher click through rates (CTR) to land pages on your website. This may also result in higher conversion rates, attracting more potential customers to your website, blog and social media.

Conversion Tracking

It denotes valuable customers by tracking that how they interact with your website. Our tracking tools integrate easily with your custom landing pages and Google Analytics to track SEO results and Return on Investment (ROI). You can also see what online tools are bringing in the most business and use this to better appeal in your target market.


You have questions. We have answers.

Is email marketing a helpful addition to ppc advertisement?

The answer is yes! Email Marketing is a very useful addition to any kind of advertising campaign that is already creating full use of PPC Advertising or any other kind of paid marketing strategy. People want to be connected to online world & want to know what is going on via email. Thats why they choose to have an email account and to remain connected to it on mobile etc.

Do I need to experience HTML or have other types of technical skills?

No, we are able to create an outstanding email that includes all text, pictures, links and all demanding options that you want. No need to know additional details, just have faith in us and we will serve you the best email content to drive the user’s attention towards your advertisement email.

Will you help me to see who has opened my email?

Yes! The second anyone opens your sent email in their account, the demand date & time is recorded and introduce to you in an online report. If that person opens it once more, we’ll track that too and it will continue as the number of times the email will be opened, this will help you to analyze the success of your targeted campaigns.

Is it necessary to provide Email Subscribers to Unsubscribe at the Click of a Button?

If your mailing list cannot be unsubscribed easily and quickly every single time user’s receive your email against their will, they are going to become very angry email subscribers and may they take it upon themselves to put up some bad press blogging and warnings about you and your business all over the Internet.

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