Flash & 3D Animation Services

We provide quality work in 3D animation which drives the viewer towards the unique vision that would otherwise be lost in words alone. Our skilled and professional animators start the 3D animation process by applying polygons to create figures. Digital armatures are used to bring the figures into life. We can bring, breathe into 3D characters and images personally for your game, movie, product demos, television, websites program and presentation. Our animators are adept to various types of 3D animation, such as skeletal animation, crowd simulation, motion capture and morph target animation. We can apply any of the 3D effect that is required for interactive games, digital walk-through, animated movies or websites.

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What makes our flash services better then others?

We provide flash animation services combining with perfection in programming, animating, and artistic styling. Which help clients in implementing successful 3D multimedia solutions through effective multimedia and animation services. Our skilled flash designers with modern tools and technologies are expert in developing high quality templates with flash and websites to create your brand image and improve business values.

We Proved 3D Animated Logos, Graphics and Models for Companies

  • 3D logos can add more interest and an animated dimension to your company’s identity.
  • 3D models are economical and a great way for prototyping new products.
  • 3D animations can give brand new perspectives to existing products such as, showing how products work internally.
  • Use 3D animations for viewing and studying molecular models.

But what expertise we have in Flash Designing?

We offer cost effective, high-end, proficient multimedia flash design, interactive flash websites and flash banners for companies across the world. We also provide a wide range of services like flash logo design, e-learning, flash website design.

Software’s used by our professionals:

  • Adobe flash
  • Pivot
  • Toon boom
  • Poser pro 2014
  • Go animate

3D Industrial Animations Services-

We can help you to create 3D Animations of your product and show your cutouts and the interior workings of your equipment. Show customers how to maintain or use your products. We can also create in-class training simulations for hazard recognition and other types of safety animations and videos with an Animated 3D Character showing the do’s and don’ts to avoid fatal accidents, which would be instead  Difficult task to show with live video.


Animations and 3D Animated Models for Architects

Get your house blueprint into animated 3D reality. You can test the concepts and design details with no limitations. We can create 3D models of a specific architectural feature, add textures, finishes, interior details and landscaping, until you are happy with the design you want.

3D Animations and Animated 3D Models for Interior Designers

Before the lot is cleared and the building or home is built or before redoing an existing home, We make it exactly as it will be in the future to let you show clients how the interior design will look when finished. 3D models can include actual furniture, floor and wall treatments, art, drapery, rugs and anything else you can imagine, placed and hung where you want them, without lifting a single box.


3D Animations for Inventors:

We can create animations and 3D illustrations for your invention to help you submit your views or ideas in support of your patent application. Our development team can show you how your idea on paper would look like in real life, helping you to improve your product and design before patent submission.

Medical 3D Animation

Show how your medical product or procedure perfectly works in 3D to give your clients and patients a better understanding of a procedure. At Slinfy we understand human anatomy and we can create 3D animations of your procedures. Using the finest in web streaming technologies, we enable you to view any type progress from any computer in the world.


You have questions. We have answers.

What types of computer graphic equipment does your company has in the labs?

We have advanced computer animation labs running the latest versions of Maya, Mud-box, Z brush, 3D Studio Max, In Design, Quest3D, Flash, Google Sketch Up, Adobe Photoshop/Premiere/After Effects and a variety of other applications necessary for the creation of amazing animation with commercially used software for converting a variety of 3D file formats such as PDB, 3DS or Inventor in different directions.

What is the difference between 2D animations and 3D animations?

2D animation is developed by drawing each single frame of the animated movie and is the base of 3D animation. 3D animation is developed by changing the placement of already existing 3D models. It has more depth and is more realistic. The color and lighting of the 3D objects are modified using software programs. Animated advertisement, video and gaming are the fast growing fields of 3D animation.

Should I have sound knowledge about my project before availing your services?

Yes. Always keep in mind that working in 3D is a time consuming process requiring a lot of attention to detail. We can help you to flesh out your requirements, but having a good understanding of exactly what you need up front will save a lot of time and money.

Can you create still images from animations and vice versa?

Yes, as once an animation is completed we possibly identify the required frame and create a still image by producing a high-resolution renderition of the scenes required to produce this frame. Having a still image can be especially useful for publicizing your animation and to accompany reports and other media formats for advertisement.

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