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Take advantage of the strengths of Our PhoneGap Services

We provide you PhoneGap Development services to build your application by an expertise PhoneGap Developer. PhoneGap is an open source framework to develop mobile application using web technologies. A web technology includes HTML5, CSS3 & Javascript. A new advanced technology has implemented over PhoneGap to interact with the hardware devices such as GPS & Accelerometer.

Get more with PhoneGap Developing Application:

  •  Existing web technologies like HTML and JavaScript can be reused to build robust mobile apps using PhoneGap
  •  PhoneGap developers can leverage the native capabilities of the device to run in multiple platforms using a single source code
  •  PhoneGap supports different mobile apps versions for mobile platforms
  •  Free and open source project under MIT license
  •  Faster and easier mobile apps can be developed using HTML, CSS, & JavaScript without using Objective-C

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Get more with PhoneGap Developing Application:

Our Developer builds your application for just one time and you can run it over everywhere. Testing of the application is done over web browser with multiple mobile operating systems. These may save your cost of development & time for your business solution. We also provide you to Hire Dedicated PhoneGap Developer for your project on hour basis so as to meet your requirement. At last, we test & port your application to iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone. In conclusion, your app would be build 30+ faster using PhoneGap.

  • Open Source Project
  •  Cross-platform framework compatibility
  •  Develop mobile apps using HTML5, JS & CSS3

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Get an extra mile with our services:

  •  Custom PhoneGap Development
  •  Best of Experience for HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery
  •  Dedicated PhoneGap Developers on service
  •  Strong Communication Skills
  •  Reasonable Price with cost effective pakages.

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At Solitaire Infosys Inc. all our clients have our direct contact points, including phone, email, video conferencing and social networking mediums. We can also arrange regular calls and inflicts to make sure you’re always up-to-date with the project.

Our development team owns hands-on experience in working on diverse applications with preparation and Testing of PhoneGap applications on lots of mobile devices such as Android, iPhone, blackberry and Windows Phone. We supply mobile web solutions to implement a huge range of standard, supported and customized characteristics.

You can Contact our professionals anytime, we are experts in PhoneGap technology, and we will clear it through mail or other communications services. Our PhoneGap developers have tremendous amount of experience using PhoneGap platform and making your solution both innovative and secure.

PhoneGap is an open source result for building cross-platform mobile apps with standards-based Web technologies like HTML, JavaScript, CSS. PhoneGap proper was created in 2009-10 by a start up called Nitobi, as an open source way to access the “native” environment through an embedded Web View in a native app.

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