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PHP Development & Programming

We serve what you exactly need, if you need highly advanced web applications built in PHP or simply want to hire an experienced PHP developer for web development, we have got you covered.

What will you get in PHP from us?

  •  PHP Application Development – PHP Application Development is the best option to go with. It provides you with various functions to PHP Application Development in order to define its multiple type of support platforms with the web servers.
  •  PHP Web Development – Our Customized PHP Development which is tailored especially according to the client’s business requirements.
  •  Open Source Customization – This reduces the average cost for the client while using open source platform compared to other technologies.
  •  PHP Mysql Development – If you are searching for an effective web solution that offers both high performance and cost effectiveness, then it has to be only PHP/MySQL.

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What makes us updated with upcoming IT technologies?

While developing PHP applications, our team makes sure that our designed applications are compatible with the other changing technologies globally. We have a compiled database for PHP application requirements for most of the social networking websites, e commerce websites, CMR and CMS, complex and accounting payment gateway applications. While for designing our each client’s application, we incorporate creative skills and pay attention that the applications are user friendly and help our clients in managing their business more efficiently.

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Our unique services includes:

Solitaire Infosys Inc. is a recognized PHP development solution provider among core IT development industries globally. Our dedicated PHP developers are capable of carrying out most difficult practices using the best methodologies for PHP web applications. We even design our customized PHP applications which are suitable for different organizational workflow pattern. Short turnaround time for project execution, cost effective services, maintain confidentiality and security of project details, highly experienced PHP developers, transparent work methodology throughout the project development.

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Yes, All of the accounts are backed up by the time we develop it. Many don’t provide backups or may appoint an extra fee for it. We do propose a solution that is continuously monitored and regularly tested to make sure that everything is backing up properly. If you are interested to know all the technical details, just contact with us.

Yes, you own all the content of the website. We can provide you with our robust Content Management System, making it easy to update your own content as it designed in a way so that you do not have to worry about your website and its content. But you only own your CMS if your source code is unique and wrote it yourself.

The more input we get from you, the better we will be able to satisfy your needs and generate a site that will be consisting of the desired look and impact. It’s your website, we desire that it looks the way you want it. To start the Web development process your Web developer will need to be supplied with information and materials regarding the website.

That simply depends on the amount of content and complexity that a website requires. For example, if We have all the content for your website and all the graphics have been completed, then typically, it will take about two days to a week. Much of that depends on the client as well upon whether the content is ready before contacting a designer or not. As it takes more time to develop the website with content.

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