PSD to XHTML Conversion

Our professionally trained engineers do it very easily and perfectly. All you need to is mark a consultation with our team and send us the PSD files. Our designers will handle them,they will convert the code to valid XHTML also justifying all validations CSS necessities. We always try to make it platform free so that it runs in any of the browsers or on any machine.

  • Life cycle management through version control system (svn) and bug tracking tool.
  • Your project undergoes a complete software life cycle
  • CSS developers slicing and converting your PSD designs to valid XHTML/CSS or WordPress themes
  • QA team reports standards or browser compatibility issues
  • You report any feedbacks or issues
  • You receive the QA certified design template
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Why PSD need to be converted into Xhtml?

Brand building over the internet is now possible with a professional looking site that will perform its functions upto the point. Photoshop documents are incapable of meeting all these requirements and need to be converted to much better formats. This reason calls the need for PSD conversion websites to convert incompatible PSD documents to proper markup. As a result, the websites benefit you by offering a better browsing experience to the end-users.

  • We do accept designs in various file formats such as TIF, JPG, PSD, AI, BMP, PDF, GIF, etc.
  • Our professional makes a complete analysis of your designs and resumes the process after understanding.
  • At First, we slice the PSD images,then we combine the sliced layers in order to add elements to them.
  • All layers are putted logically (column, content, header, footer, etc).
  • By making responsive web design, we reduce the price of website management and let the clients save considerable time.
  • It becomes easy for them to maintain & manage a single website, which can be easily optimized.

Features of PSD to XHTML conversion:

PSD to XHTML conversion provides a table less format that has its own advantages. This format enables appropriate placement of images on the page, which makes it very light for the internet. This translates into faster page loading for your website, which is definitely a very major plus point for your business. Table less XHTML format can also help you to incorporate maximum SEO keywords due to its clean format design. PSD to XHML conversion provides a good structure and error free website, with user friendliness and SEO friendliness.

Benefits of this conversion:

  • Hand coded XHTML Strict markup
  • Light-weight table less CSS layout
  • Semantic Markup used for SEO
  • Easy to integrate with any CMS
  • Clean W3C Valid XHTML / CSS
  • IE6, IE7, Firefox, Opera compatible
  • Compatible with MacOSX Safari
  • Commented and shorthand CSS
  • Optimized images for fast-loading
  • Resizable Fonts Catalog Data Entry
  • Identical to the original design
  • 18 working hours per page or faster
  • Free tech support!

You have questions. We have answers.

I want fast loading with pictures? Is it possible?

At Solitaire Infosys Inc., we can use images to ensure fast page loading and effective retention of users who don’t have patience for long-loading pages. We will manage it the way that it will not effect on the loading of the website. But the graphic interface of the site will be improved much better, thus reducing the number of files or their size in a web page lowers the number of HTTP connections required to download a page.

Making the file size smaller and adaptive is possible?

No need to worry, the web development and design team of solitaire Infosys Inc. has no shortage of creative, smart people who have been working to solve these problems. We are expert in optimizing maximum width of an adaptive image for a responsive design. And understand the difference between limiting image container width and changing image size. We use Optimized CSS codes which makes image file size smaller and faster to load.

Is it possible to have cross browser and cross platform compatibility?

Yes, We’ll code your website easily so that it goes fine with every browser simply without any harassment. As a web designer, you understandably want to avoid script errors and page layout problems and you may want to ensure your scripts reach as wide an audience as possible, our technical optimization teams acts parlely to provide best outcome.

Who has the requirement of PSD to XHTML services?

XHTML facilitates faster web development & offers inbuilt tags along with user-defined tags that are easy to work with and allow developers to create engaging web applications, that’s why clients from the field of  Creative companies, Independent graphic, freelancers, bloggers, net-workers, Web design & development organizations have often demanded the underlined services from us.

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