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WPF Application Development

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is an essential part of the .NET Framework for a steady programming model. It is used for building Windows client browser-hosted and standalone applications with the exceptional user experience.

The team of developers at Solitaire Infosys uses WPF to develop and design attractive and interactive Windows applications in accordance with the service-oriented architecture. We offer rich experience powered by Windows Presentation Foundation. We customize our development solutions in accordance with your business requirements to deliver you with the best applications.

Our Service Model for WPF Application Development

Our dedicated team of developers has experience and knowledge to cater your business needs with our best WPF Application Development services. Our services include resolution independence to support every screen resolution with the same competence, customized rich composition, all multimedia integration including graphics, speech, video, etc., and hardware acceleration.

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Why choose Solitaire Infosys?

Solitaire Infosys is well-versed with the fact that you are looking for the development of WPF applications that have been specifically developed for your business needs. We guarantee that you will be delivered with stunning applications that will add to the growth of your business. We use our client-centric approach to develop applications that are meant to deliver satisfactory results to the clients.

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Our Services

We offer many WPF Application Development services that aim at your business growth. Our services include UI Design & WPF Consulting Services, WPF Application Development & Customization Services, Integrating WPF functionality into a website for enhanced interactivity, Customized WCF Services in SharePoint 2010, Integrating Audio & Video with Windows Media Streaming, Website Development, and Incorporating Rich Internet Applications with WPF, Customized WPF Datagrid.

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It is the declarative XML-based language to define the properties and object in XML. WPF loads this document in the actual memory.

It is a 2D and 3D graphics design engine and is capable of data binding, animation and multimedia. WPF has all the potential of HTML and Flash. It has common user controls that are equivalent to check boxes sliders, buttons, etc

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